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We at OrbitSol focus on delivering quick and high-accuracy professional services for all your unique transcription needs. OrbitSol offers proficient transcription services for the financial, real estate, legal, media, and medical industries. Our efficient and experienced transcriptionists are committed to providing accurate and reliable transcripts even under very tight schedules making sure our clients are always satisfied.

General & Financial Transcription

Our highly efficient transcriptionists assure world-class general transcription solutions. Be it audio or video recordings, our experts keep in mind your requirement and deliver accurate transcripts in the desired text copy format, never missing a deadline.

  • Earnings Calls | Conferences | Meetings
  • Debates | Podcasts | Sermons
  • Focus Groups | Interviews | Lectures
  • Time Notes | Correspondence | Speeches

Inventories and Property Condition Reports

We understand only too well the importance of precise and lucid inventory reports in every business. Our flexible transcription solutions for inventories and PCRs as per client requirements provide reports in structured formats as specified by the inventory clerk, to suit all your needs.

  • Inventory Reports
  • Check-in & Check-out reports
  • Check-in Schedules & Schedules of Condition
  • Property Condition Reports

Legal Transcription

With a competent team that is well-versed with legal formats, we are capable of handling transcription of any legal proceedings, irrespective of the length or format, and deliver accurate and high-quality transcripts within the specified deadlines.

  • Hearings | Trials
  • Depositions | Arbitrations
  • Daily Correspondence | Timesheets
  • Pleadings | Motions | Appeals

Media Transcription

We offer transcription services for a range of audiovisual media. Our high quality transcripts enhance output and are thus often preferred over large-scale media houses.

  • News Clippings
  • Radio shows
  • Television Shows (OTF and ABS)
  • YouTube Videos

Medical Transcription

Our trained and experienced medical transcriptionists have never failed to deliver accurate, high-quality transcripts to our clients in the desired format and within the specified turnaround time. We provide solutions to a wide variety of clients ranging from individual medical practitioners to hospitals.

  • Office Chart Notes
  • History & Physical Examinations
  • Consultation & Operative Reports
  • Discharge Summaries
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